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4DIS (Four Dimensional Imaging Spectrometer)
A sensor designed to capture full hyperspectral image cubes at the camera frame rate.

All 4DIS systems are custom built systems based on the HyperScan series of products.
Specific examples built for existing customers include:
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Type Spectral range / resolution Spectrometer Order sorting FPA Data rate Comments / status
VNIR 400-1000 / 10 nm Offner uncooled Yes TE cooled CCD or CMOS (interchangeable cameras) 100 fps CCD; 100K fps CMOS Can be configured with I2CCD or with other CMOS/ CCD cameras. Operational since ~1999
380-980 / 5 nm Offner uncooled Yes CMOS + blue enhanced image intensifier 120K fps in reduced resolution mode For long range faint targets; operational
SWIR 900-1700 / 3.8 nm Offner uncooled Yes InGaAs 1500 fps Being assembled now
900-2500 / 7.2 nm Offner uncooled Yes InSb 138 fps Designed for PRA / Raytheon Directed Energy program
MWIR 1800-5000 / 6.3 nm Offner cooled to 150K (two 5 Watt Stirling) Yes InSb 86 fps Built for MPR plume measurements; operational since 2006
Dual band MW / LWIR 3-5m / 8.3 nm (2nd order)
6-10m / 16.6 nm(1st order)
Offner cooled by LN2 Not applicable Dual band MCT 60 fps 640512 FPA

1.2 m AMOS telescope

4DIS-MWIR camera
with a 200 mm reflective telescope

field test at Edwards AFB

at Vandenberg AFB



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