Public Domain Tools for ENVI

ENVI has become the de-facto standard for hyperspectral analysis. The problem is that the tools built into ENVI can be greatly supplemented by many techniques developed around the world. Most ENVI users, or image analysts never see these tools. OKSI offers to compile and collect IDL and ENVI algorithms developed by users around the world for incorporation into a "public domain" toolbox.

We believe there is great talent out there, developing all sorts of algorithms and tools. Too often such tools remain locked at some university with very little public benefit.
Such tools, when collected and documented properly could make great contribution to the science and technology of remote sensing and hyperspectral imaging. It requires a central point of contact, to collect, document, and incorporate such tools in to a useful utility.

OKSI offers, on an experimental basis, to serve as such central point for this purpose. The algorithms received will be tested for functionality. OKSI will not take any responsibility for the math.

The authors' names will be incorporated in the toolbox so that users can contact the author for such technical questions.

If you have developed any useful IDL/ENVI algorithms for spectral / spatial analysis utilizing multi- or hyperspectral imagery, and want to see these algorithms distributed to users around the world, please contact OKSI.

OKSI will make this toolbox available free of charge and will not collect any fee for the use. The author, or the organization that provides the algorithms will have to be willing to state that it requests no royalties, and that it makes these algorithms available free to all interested users.

Full credit will be given to the authors and their institutions.

For details, contact: nahum @ oksi.com


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