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HyperScan VNIR micro
A Turnkey Hyperspectral Imaging System For Use in Weight or Size Limited Platforms

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HyperVision Instruction Manual

HyperScan-VNIR-micro Spec Sheet


 Imaging  Pushbroom Hyperspectral
 Lenses  Interchangeable, apochromat, from 8 mm to 70 mm;
 other lenses can be accommodated
 Spectral resolution (FWHM)  2.2 nm (12.5 Ám slit)
 Spectral range  400 - 1000 nm
 Dispersion  2.35 nm / pixel
 Number of spectral channels  255
 Spatial resolution  1024 pixels
 Dark frame collection  Automatic
 Second order rejection  Built-in
 Calibration  Radiometric, spectral
 Keystone/smile distortions  <1 pixel
 Detector resolution, pixel size  1024 x 1024, 10.6 Ám
 Frame rate (max)  150 Hz (255 x 1024 ROI)
 Detector type  CMOS
 Exposure control  10 Ás - 850 ms
 Detector diagonal  15.35 mm
 Dynamic range  12 bits
 Digital interface  Camera Link
 Camera control via Camera Link (live preview, capture, camera settings, binning)
 Full control of flight components from ground station
 Real time waterfall and frame display on ground station
 Dark frame collection
 ROI selection
 Histogram feedback
 AHRS / GPS capture and timestamp
 Image capture and timestamp
 Flight Hardware
 UAV   Griffon Aerospace Outlaw (or similar)
 Payload mass  ~9 lbs.
 Flight computer  233MHz, 4 GB RAM, 250 GB hard drive, Windows XP
 Data link  Wireless ethernet bridge (867 kbps @ 900 MHz)
 Wide field of view camera  Analog (30 fps @ 2.4 GHz)
 GPS, timestamp frequency  Garmin GPS - 18, 5 Hz
 AHRS, timestamp frequency  Crossbow AHRS 400, 70 Hz

HyperScan VNIR micro flight configuration

HyperScan VNIR micro for airborne and conveyor belt applications

GUI with airborne waterfall image

Outlaw with internal components

Griffon Aerospace Outlaw in flight


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