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Mid-Infrared Fiber Optics
Hollow Glass Waveguides

Data Sheet

2011 SPIE paper on hollow fibers

Fiber delivery of QCL
Output Beam Profile
Waveguides with reflective layer and thin-film dielectric coating applied using novel processes

Dielectric coatings can be optimized for specific wavelengths or for broad-band applications


    Single-Mode high beam quality for 8 m to 12 m

    Multi-Mode low loss for 3 m to 16 m

    Bundles for remote IR imaging / signal-collection

Key Features

Excellent transmission across the whole Mid-IR spectrum from 3 to 16 m

Gaussian beam delivery

Simple, high efficiency coupling

Mode filtering

High damage threshold

Robust and flexible

No end reflections reduced laser feedback

No cladding modes reduced system noise


Laser delivery


IR imaging

IR countermeasures

Small volume gas cell

Custom Optics for

Beam coupling

Beam collimation

Beam focusing

Signal collection

IR imaging (fiber bundles)

In Development

Single-mode fibers for 3 to 5 micron

Lower loss fibers using next generation coating techniques

Tapered fibers for various applications

Fibers for high energy, visible wavelength beam delivery

Partnered with:

Daylight Solutions offers a wide range of quantum cascade-based (QCL) external cavity lasers
and imaging and sensing systems functioning in the mid-IR)

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