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OKSI designs and deploys custom sensors for unique applications.
Scanning UV Raman Spectrometer:
    Design: Two Czerny-Turner scanning spectrographs, with rotating triple grating each.
    Excitation Spectral Range: tunable over 210 to 400 nm.
    Spectral Resolution: 10 cm^-1 over the entire range.
    Broad Raman shift: From 700 to 1,800 cm^-1.
    Beam dump for excitation laser (designed to direct laser beam to dump at all excitation wavelength).
    Stray light rejection: better than 1:1E6, and better than 1:1E8 for excitation laser in +1,0,-1 diffraction orders.
    Self calibration using the tunable excitation laser.

Applications: Chem/bio hazardous materials.



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