Paper on Use of electronically tunable filters in hyperspectral imaging

Multi- & Hyperspectral Seminar, and related acronyms

Spectroscopy Magazine Article, March 1999, Hyperspectral Imaging

Johnson, Brent D.  "Spectral Imaging Finds a Place on the Farm." Photonics
Spectra Magazine, January 2002 Reprints available by request. 

Volume 3, No. 1
Volume 2, No. 1
Volume 1, No. 2
Volume 1, No. 1

Note to our readers: When we started publishing "Hyperspectrum" there was
practically no information on the internet. This is no longer the case. There is plenty of
information available on the topic. We, therefore, no longer publish the newsletter.
The issues currently online will remain here, as (we are told) they serve as a good
reference, in particular for beginners.

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