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Airborne Remote Sensing Over Recent California Fires

OKSI (Torrance, CA) has conducted flight operations over recent fire damaged regions in the San Diego area.  Several devices were used for data collection, including a hyperspectral sensor, a multispectral sensor, a thermal infrared video camera, and two color video cameras.  The flights were conducted in collaboration with I.K. Curtis Services, Inc. (Burbank, CA) that operates specialized aerial surveillance aircraft. 

Data from these sensors can be used to support various pre- and post fire activities by State, County, local authorities, private property owners, homeowner associations, and property insurers.  

Analysis of regional vegetation conditions, predicted wind and weather patterns can be used to assess fire hazard and property susceptibility to wild fires, giving insurers and property owners advance notice for taking preventative action.  Post fire damage assessment to property and wild life can help authorities in planning restoration programs and assessing mud slide hazard in the coming rainy season.  Comparison between pre and post fire event can help insurers accelerate processing claims.   

An attachment includes a summary of the flight path, some sample imagery and preliminary analysis. 

OKSI, founded in 1991, is a small business that specializes in remote sensing systems and applications. 

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