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Resolution / Color Calibration
Color standards can be very useful in the radiometric and spectral calibration of various imaging systems, spectrometers, and hyperspectral sensors that operate in the visible portion of the spectrum. Diffuse reflectance standards such as those shown in the picture below have a known spectrum and therefore can be used to validate a sensor's spectral response.  

Custom software used with various color charts (see Gretag MacBeth chart below) are available for calibration and testing the performance of a sensor system. Each square in the MacBeth chart has xy values associated with the CIE color system. These serve as reference coordinates for the evaluation of the sensor performance in color reproduction.  

We also use industry recognized standards (see ISO 12233 chart below) for resolution measurement and characteristics.


Gretag MacBeth Chart

ISO 12233 Chart

Diffused Reflectance
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