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Lab Calibration
Laboratory spectral and radiometric calibrations are performed by OKSI on all EO/IR sensors covering the spectrum from the visible to the long wave infrared.  

Radiometric calibration sources typically used include NIST traceable irradiance lamps and blackbodies.  

Infrared calibration is often performed with nitrogen purge to remove the absorption by CO2 and H2O in the air. This provides a true response of a sensor over its entire range.  

Spectral calibration is performed using a variety of lasers and gas discharge lamps (e.g., He, Ar, Kr, Hg, etc.). Spectral calibration in the infrared is performed using band pass filters.  

As necessary, the calibration set up uses integrating spheres and collimators to assure repeatability. Multiple sources are often used simultaneously and injected directly into a collimator or an integrating sphere.

Each specific sensor is calibrated based on the best technique for that sensor. OKSI designs and implements the calibration.  

It is recommended that users of sensors that require quantitative analyses do not rely on a single calibration. Repeated calibrations at the user facility can be designed, assembled and delivered to the user. Sensor performance changes in time due to many reasons, including aging, shift of components (due to shipping and handling), etc.

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