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Multi - Camera Pod :  for day/night surveillance, perimeter control, and automated intruder detection

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Versatile multi-camera pod system that can be customized to specific surveillance and security needs.

bulletCamera choices include:
bulletLong Wave (thermal) IR camera - 7 to 14 m
bulletShort Wave IR (SWIR) camera - 1 to 2 m
bulletOKSI's True Color Night Vision Camera (with NIR enhancement) - 0.4 to 1 m
bulletHigh speed image intensified (I2) camera - 0.4 to 1 m
bulletLow-light level panchromatic camera - 0.4 to 1 m
bulletWide or narrow field of view optics, or zoom
bulletSpectral imaging sensor (hyperspectral or multispectral)
bulletWeatherproof housing:
bulletDamage resistant windows with interior AR coatings
bulletMounting provisions for up to 4 cameras
bulletBuilt in pan/tilt control
bulletActive heating/cooling (optional)
bulletSolar power (optional)
bulletComplete wireless communication and control (optional)

Portable control center allows for remote viewing and control of camera pod

bulletPortable briefcase design
bulletPower either via wall plug (120 V AC) or car battery (12 V DC)
bulletConnection with pod via wired, wireless (e.g., 2.4 GHz), or secured internet
bulletPod Controls include
bulletON/OFF camera switch
bulletJoystick control of pan/tilt and auto pan switch
bulletLens zoom control (optional)
bulletBuilt in digital Video Recorder (DVR)
bulletSimultaneously view 4 cameras at 30 frames/second on a single screen and record on a 120 GB removable hard drive
bulletEthernet connection allowing for live view, recording control, and playback via internet.

Feature Benefit

bulletDifferent classes of cameras provide different and complimentary information:
bulletThermal IR: detection
bulletColor Night Vision: identification
bulletSWIR: extreme low light level night vision
bulletAll cameras in a single housing
bulletSimplifies setup
bulletSaves space
bulletBriefcase control center
bulletPortable for field deployment
bulletMotion triggered alarm and motion triggered looped recording
bulletPermanent record of all events and occurrences
bulletEfficient hard drive utilization


bulletVehicle-mounted reconnaissance, surveillance, and target ID
bulletPort monitoring
bulletBorder monitoring
bulletShipboard protection
bulletMotion activated facility perimeter monitoring

Also check out OKSI's Remote Autonomous Surveillance System (RASS)




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