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Remote Sensing Services 
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1)      Flight data collection

2)      Data capture include Hyperspectral, Multispectral and Thermal Infrared

3)      Data processing and standard data products include:

a.       NDVI

b.      Abundance maps

c.       Temperature maps

d.      Co-registration of all data products

Other data products available as well

4)      Geo-registration of all data products

5)      Archiving data products

6)      Delivery of all raw and processed data per user request on user provided media (portable hard drive)

7)      Calibration of sensors including thermal calibration of IR camera, and spectral and radiometric calibration of hyperspectral sensor, and alignment of multispectral sensor

8)      Coordination of necessary ground work, calibration panels, corner markers

9)      Coordination with aircraft operator and flight planning

10)  Experienced operators for in-flight sensor operations and flight verification

11)  Image to image registration for multiple date data collects

       Examples of capabilities, please view the ag2020 web site.

Contact OKSI for pricing information.



Shafter, CA false color RGB from raw AVNIR imagery 

Carpinteria California false color RGB from raw AVNIR Imagery 

Multispectral sensor image 

Flight line for the Carpinteria image 




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