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True-color Night Vision Cameras























General Features

bulletDay/Night color imagery down to 1/4 moon conditions
bulletTransition to monochrome imagery for lower light conditions
bulletComplimentary color filters (e.g., cyan, yellow, magenta) for increased signal
bulletInclusion of near-infrared (NIR) light for increased signal and also for viewing capability of IR laser aiming devices
bulletProprietary signal processing routines designed for optimal information content. Features include:
bulletBalance between noise and color fidelity based on light level
bulletProper color generation even with inclusion of NIR
bulletNoise reduction algorithms to mitigate speckle noise associated with color imagery

Fast Liquid Crystal (LC) Filter

bulletVersatile system can be used with any low-light camera
bulletFilter can be positioned out of optical path for monochrome imagery
bulletFast switching for reduced dead time
bulletNo moving parts
bulletAll cameras in a single housing

Image Intensified Bonded CMOS with LC Filter

bulletFast CMOS with a maximum frame  rate of 200 frames/second
bulletOn-board processor for real-time image analysis
bulletGen III blue-enhanced image intensifier for excellent low-light sensitivity
bulletUn-cooled sensor for lower power consumption
bulletDigital gigabit-ethernet output for network interface, web broadcast, and advanced applications
bulletAdditional analog output simplifies replacement of older cameras

EMCCD Camera with Mosaic Filter

bulletMosaic filter allows for full color in every frame and thus reduced motion blur
bulletNo intensifier tube means that there is no potential damage due to bright lights
bulletAnti-bloom features effectively increases dynamic range, enabling the viewing of dim features in the presence of bright lights
bulletSingle photon detection for these devices equates to excellent low-light sensitivity
bulletDigital USB 2.0 output allows for interface with laptop or other processor for advanced applications
bulletAdditional analog output simplifies replacement of older cameras

Benefits of Color for Night Vision

bulletHuman brain is wired for "true color" imagery
bulletColor improves scene understanding and identification
bulletReaction time is more rapid for color imagery
bulletCurrent intensified cameras only produce monochrome images

Application and Operational Use

bulletReconnaissance, surveillance, target ID, friend or foe identification (fratricide avoidance)
bulletCarrier-deck night situational awareness; ship perimeter monitoring
bulletOn shore facilities perimeter monitoring


Monochrome and color low-light-level imagery. The images illustrate the additional information that is available with the inclusion of color.

OKSI Papers on Color Night Vision

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