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Digital ImagingFinally! An affordable digital adapter package for Topcon mydriatic fundus cameras now available for color, red-free and F/A phtography. We use Canon digital SLR's connected to the lower port, never the upper port! All Topcon models eligible. Our system includes patient database ophthalmic software and may be networked. St. Louis Ophthalmic Equipment Company
FAST-IR 2KFastest thermal infrared camera on the market; Up to 100,000 frames per second; 2000 frames per second in full frameTELOPS Inc.
Flight Eye Camera FamilyRugged cameras for aviation: UAV piloting, taxi-aid, flight tests, cockpit monitoring, situational awareness, etc.Kappa optronics Inc.
Image Acquisition and ProcessingManufacturers representative; Frame grabbers, CCD cameras, image processing software.Uniforce Sales And Engineering
Integrated (Laser) Imaging SystemsA range of high-performance CCD and CMOS cameras and accessories, imaging detectors, measurement technologies and software tools for reactive and non-reactive flow field analysis, fluid mechanics, combustion research and non-destructive material testing.LaVision GmbH
Phocus HEAn integrated, compact, turn-key tunable laser system for Photoacoustic Imaging; Utilizes patented technology, which generates high energy, short pulse beams in the NIR; Incorporating a two crystal ring oscillator, the system has twice the damage threshold of double-pass configurations which prevents downtime due to optical damage.OPOTEK, Inc.
System designAssessment, and commercialization services; high-performance electronic imaging and graphicsElectro-Optical Technologies, Inc.
Tria Image Processing, V2Tria is a collection of standard and unique image processing functions presented in an easy-to-use package. The main attraction is the ability to use the patented SeDDaRA blind deconvolution technique to remove unidentified blur from digital images. The interface is designed for both professionals and amateurs, requiring no programming. In addition, Tria provides image math functions, Fourier functions, fast image registration, geometric functions, and batch processing of all major functions. Quantitative image analysis functions include spot analysis, profile plots, image improvement metrics, and false color highlighting. Image viewers have multiple contrast settings including histogram setting, region-of-interest contrasting, and 'on-form' controls.Quarktet
XX Rapid Frame Framing Cameraimage-intensified framing camera, ICCD framing camera with frame rate 100 billion (1011) frames / second, UV optics, equal-sector beam splitter optics.Stanford Computer Optics, Inc.


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