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OSP-1 Oscilloscope PreamplifierHigh Gain 1000x with High Common Mode RejectionARI Corp.
RSI ScopeComm Oscilloscope Control ProgramScopeComm enables cost and time-efficient downloading and viewing of waveforms from many digital Tektronix Oscilloscopes. Features include AutoScale, AutoSave, LiveView and FFTs.Research Support Instruments

360° View SIGHT-PIPE® SPMV Boreview® SystemIncorporates a magnifying lens system, fiber optic or LED illumination & special 360° View SIGHT-PIPES® to inspect internal characteristics in a 360 degree view with greater detail. Transmits an internal image of a bore showing a complete annular "band" of the sidewall being viewed. This makes it possible to inspect the complete 360° degree sidewall "band" of a bore in a single image without rotating the part being inspected or the SIGHT-PIPE® while moving down the bore.Dave Jones Machinists, LLC
90° Series SIGHT-PIPE®Inexpensive internal viewing alternative to traditionally higher priced, expensive borescopes. Available in over 66 standard lengths and diameters or custom sizes, the 90° Series design uses available ambient (room) lighting or can be used with a simple "pen light", flashlight, or optional light input adapter and portable illuminator or LED head. This "right angle" view product can be ordered with or without magnification as a single, simple, hand held internal viewing device or can be adapted to other lens systems, illumination assemblies, and machine vision, sensor, or CCTV systems for viewing via a monitor.Dave Jones Machinists, LLC
FFPACK3Flexible Fiberoptic Articulating Borescope Kit, includes Light Source, Carrying Case and interchangeable AC adapter (DC optional). Fiberscope / Flexible Borescope is 8mm in diameter x 24" useable length.UXR
Hawkeye® Flexible Video BorescopesThe new Hawkeye Flexible Video Borescopes are the perfect choice when portability, and easy image capture, are key factors. These high-quality, affordably priced video borescopes are much more durable than fiber optic borescopes, low cost, and completely portable. They are 0-, 2- or 4-way articulating, and come complete with video monitor and light source, all in one easy-to-use device. The Hawkeye Pro and Classic Flexible Video Borescopes are 4 mm, 6 mm or 8 mm in diameter, with either tungsten or gooseneck sheaths, and available in lengths of 1.5 and 3.0 meters. Custom lengths up to 6.0 meters available upon request.Gradient Lens Corporation
Iris DVR 5Portable videoscopes with 4, 6 or 8 mm diameter. 4-way articulation and lengths up to 7.5 meters. Contact us for more informationUSA Borescopes
P374 CameraCertified Intrinsically Safe Pipe Inspection System. 200 feet of working length and color monitor. Certified Class 0 USA Borescopes
PWC34910-109PT-6 Borescope inspection kit. Includes 4mm portable videoscope, PWC34910-200, PWC34910-400 OR PWC34910-600 series guide tube and rigid sleeve set. Contact us for more details.USA Borescopes
Video Borescope / TVSGFlexible Video Borescope with 4 way articulation, 1.5m and 3.0m lengths, 6.4 mm and 4.5 mm diameters.Titan Tool Supply, Inc.
VIS350 PlusSewer Camera with pan and tilt 360 degree viewing. 100 feet of working length. Wohler pipe inspection cameraUSA Borescopes

Aerosol GeneratorsHot smoke machine; Particle size MMD < 0.40µ, CMD < 0.3 µ; Filter testingS & M Electronics Limited
AMI-164Solderless test fixture for microwave & Printed circuit board applicationsAdvanced Microelectronics, Inc.
DayCor® corona cameraDetects and locates accurately and reliably, in full daylight, corona and arcing discharges; merge the visible channel with the UV channel to pinpoint sources of corona and arcing. The output video clips and stills are stored on a flash card for further analysis with a dedicated software.Ofil Ltd
DSX-8000 Shock and VibrationMeets the 100g/11ms shock profile with a 200 lb. payload vertically and 100 lb. horizontially.Thermotron Industries
Electronic test benchesModular technical workbenches and lab furniture. Designed specifically for measurement,test and lab equipment. Custom configured to ensure maximum ergonomics, efficiency, user productivity and comfort.ELECTRA TEC, INC.
Externa 5"l LCD for Video or Agilent 8590 series spectrum analyzers $475Video Monitors for test equipment; 5" external color LCD monitors. Li/Ion, 12V DC & line poweredHamiltons Test Equipment Resales, Rentals & Repairs, LLC
High Precision Battery Test StationWe provide systems for periodic charge/discharge testing of multiple cells held at a range of temperatures, multi-channel cell control for testing cell arrays, temperature storage units for use with your charge/discharge battery test stations, multiplexed cell switching and measurement and much more. We develop systems from the ground up to ensure they meet your testing requirements within your budget.DPM Solutions
Keysight (Agilent) 33250AThe Keysight (Agilent) 33250A is our highest performance function generator. With 11 standard waveforms plus pulse and arbitrary waveforms - it is the most frequency stable and lowest distortion function generator in its class.MATsolutions
Life-Cycle TesterTest switches, keyboards, keypads while also measuring contact bounce time and contact closure resistance in accordance with ASTM specifications requirements. Can be used as a standalone unit or operated using a PC.TRICOR Systems Inc.
Micro Thermal Imaging SystemThe Micro thermal imaging camera cystem includes MI320 camera (320x240 focal plane array, 0-300 deg C temperature measuremetnt) with a 20um fixed resolution lens and wide angle focusable lens. Additional hardware includes optical mounting table, vertical focusing stage, xy stage, thermal stage with controller, pc, and Thermalyze image analysis software. System provides microscopic thermal analysis of semiconductor and MEMS devices.OptoTherm, Inc.
Mini-Marx High Voltage Pulse GeneratorIPC's MiniMarx generator produces high voltage pulses up to 100kV with rise times of 15 to 30 nonoseconds.Ion Physics Corporation
Model 2500A Phase Angle VoltmeterMeasures in-phase, quadrature, fundamental and total voltages, phase angle. 0.02° accuracy, 0.001° resolution, 0.1% voltage accuracy.Clarke-Hess Communication Research Corporaton
Model 845-HP 20 GHz High Power RF/Microwave Signal GeneratorBerkeley Nucleonics' Model 845 RF Microwave Signal Generator is a low-noise and fast-switching microwave signal generator covering a frequency range from 100 kHz up to 26.5 GHz. The Model 845 Microwave RF Signal Generator offers a wide and accurately-levelled output power range with high spurious suppression. Advanced frequency synthesis with fractional-N divider makes for low SSB phase noise and micro-Hz frequency resolution.Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation
OL 750-LED Test and Measurement SystemLightweight and portable CCD-based spectrometer is available in the VIS, UV/VIS, and VIS/NIR wavelength ranges.Gooch & Housego
OpTech-O2® Platinum AnalyzerThe OpTech is the ideal multi-application oxygen analyzer for food & beverage packaging, pharma/medical device and consumer products, offering: O2 headspace analysis, Dissolved O2 analysis, Small Volume Analysis, Optical analysis through opaque barriers, Permeation OTR testing & simple no gas calibration with platinum chemistry.MOCON, Inc.
Pre-Owned Test Equipment Selectron Inc.
SIMS 1284+The SIMS 1284+ combines the latest in helium leak detection technology along with our SIMS software for data collection and analysis. Using helium as a tracer gas, packages can be quantitatively tested to levels far exceeding vacuum bubble/dye penetration tests and pressure/vacuum decay methods. Quantitative leak data allows direct comparison across various packaging materials/forms, production line settings, and stability storage conditions.Leak Detection Associates, Inc.
System 8 BoardMaster, made by ABI ElectronicsBoardmaster is the world's most powerful diagnostic system, though its cost is far below that of its closest competitor. By selecting the ABI System 8 modules that match your requirements, each BoardMaster is customized for your electronic test and troubleshooting work. Boardmaster will perform a variety of signature (VI) and functional tests in-circuit and out-of-circuit, with or without power. Boardmasters are used in the maintenance of rail systems, vehicles, ships, aircraft, industrial automation systems, test equipment, computer systems, printing presses, and dozens of other types of industrial and commercial equipment.Saelig Company Inc.
Z92-3920-03 Coal Testing EquipmentModel 6300 Plastometer / Dilatometer Combination Unit; specify TE614 when orderingPreiser Scientific Inc.


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