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Jiri Soukup, PhD, President
PO Box 1270
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Richmond, ON K0A 2Z0
Phone: (613)838-3622
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Pattern Template Library - Unique library, lets you use design patterns as if they were simple collections. It is based on intrusive data structures, and implemented with C++ templates. No code generation, comes in full source. Includes: Lists, Collections, Dynamic Arrays, Composite, Flyweight, and a fast, dynamically configurable Finite State Machine.

Data Object Library - Intrusive (based on embedded pointers) DATA STRUCTURES, more efficient than container libraries. Our classes eliminate pointer errors, class dependency, and make data and relations orthogonal. AUTOMATIC PERSISTENCE, memory paging, creates fast memory resident databases and frameworks in hours. Portable data, schema migration, runs on any platform. Robust, full source.

Persistent Pointer Factory - Elegant, single class which, through a smart pointer, makes all your objects automatically persistent. Suitable for building lightning fast databases of any size your hard disk can take, 55 kB executable. Paging of data to memory (transactions) controlled individually by class.

IN_CODE MODELLING - Revolutionary methodology and supporting software for a true Model Driven Architecture: (1) textual UML controls all data structures and generates the UML diagram. (2) library of associations supports bi-directional associations, intrusive data structures and design patterns

Please check out a recently published book which describes many technical details of our products: Soukup J., Machacek P.: Serialization and Persistent Objects - Turning Data Structures to Efficient Databases, Springer Verlag 2014.

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