HeatWave Labs

Kim Gunther, Applications Engineering
195 Aviation Way
Suite 100
Watsonville, CA 95076-2069
Phone: (831)722-9081
Fax: (831)722-5491
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Engineering, manufacturing and distribution of Vacuum Technology Products. Ion Sources, Ionizers, Ion Guns, Getter pumps, Ion pumps and controllers, ion pump magnets, TSPs, Electron Sources, Electron Guns, Cathodes, Plasma sources, Hollow Cathodes, Substrate Heaters, Filaments, Electrostatic chucks, Targets, Neutralizers, Panel heaters, Targets, ceramic to metal assemblies, high temperature furnaces, Tungsten, Molybdenum and other refractory materials, powder metallurgy, Ion implanters, arc chambers, duoplasmatron, Klystron, Ion laser cathodes, rebuilding, x-ray, microwave tubes, brazing, welding, UHV products and related technologies. Power Supplies / Controllers.
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