Kare Products Inc.

Karen Burke, President
1644 Conestoga Street
Suite 2
Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: (303)443-4243
Phone: 1-800-927-KARE, (800)927-5273
Fax: (303)443-2522
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Kare Products is a leading provider of ergonomic office furniture solutions dedicated to making workplaces safer, more comfortable and more productive. From fully adjustable office chairs to sit-stand desks, ergonomic computer accessories and more, Kare Products is committed to rigorous quality control and exceptional customer service. A keystone of our mission is to ensure that the solutions we deliver precisely meet the needs of every customer.

Kare Products' specialty is active ergonomic solutions-from sit stand desks and ergonomic office chairs that fit every body. Fully adjustable ergonomic seating can be affordable, durable and long lasting and is designed for your team or individual needs from small up to 500 pounds. Our products offer maximum comfort and support for healthy body alignment. Kare Products services corporate clients and health care providers nationally. Onsite ergonomic consultation provides immediate results for the health of your team. Featured products include adjustable computer desks, sit stand electric desks, ergonomic office chairs/stools for every body, and retrofit ergonomic solutions for existing offices: keyboard trays, monitor arms, anti-fatigue mats. Specialities include ESD, industrial and 24/7 seating . All exceed OSHA and ANSI standards. Adjust your work environments to sit and stand and be a part of the active solution to mental alertness, healthy postures and productivity!

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