Kreger Components, Inc.

Lynne Frye, CEO
1360 Roanoke Blvd.
Salem, VA 24153
Phone: (540)389-6565
Phone: (800)609-8186
Fax: (540)389-7979
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Magnetic Cores Stocking Distributor of Ferrite by FAIR-RITE PRODUCTS CORPORATION. FAIR-RITE PRODUCTS: Ferrite Shield Beads, Flat Cable Suppression Cores, Round Cable Suppression Cores, Snap-On-Split Cores, Chip Beads, Ferrite Connector Suppression Plates, SM Beads, Beads On Leads, Baluns/Multi-Aperture Cores, PC Beads, Ferrite Surface Mount Wound Beads, Rods/Slugs, Wound Beads, Toroids, and More!
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