Leak Detection Associates, Inc.

Jeff Morrow-Lucas, President, Engineering
3003 North MILL ROAD
Vineland, NJ 08360
Phone: (856)405-6636, ext. 201
Fax: (856)213-6124
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Leak Detection Associates manufactures high sensitivity leak detection systems for the pharmaceutical, medical device and food industries. Using helium as a tracer gas, packages can be quantitatively tested to levels far exceeding vacuum bubble or dye penetration tests. The technology and equipment can be used for package design, tooling qualification, production line setup and product quality monitoring. . It offers the most sensitive means of determining seal quality and seal integrity (ASTM F2391-05). The Seal Integrity Monitoring Systems (SIMS) are ideally suited for packages (cold form or glass vials) requiring a higher level of seal integrity to provide gas permeation or microbial egress protection/security.
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