Novacam Technologies Inc.

Vuk Bartulovic, President
277 Lakeshore Road
Suite 4
Pointe Claire, QC H9S 4L2
Phone: (514)694-4002
Phone: (866)694-4002
Fax: (514)630-6420
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Novacam Technologies is manufacturer of fiber-based profilometers based on low coherence interferometry with precision of under 1 micron (um). Profilometers are used for cross-section imaging, non-destructive testing, metrology, surface mapping and inspection, roughness measurements, process control, measuring film thickness, deposition and etching measurements and profilometry in inhospitable environments and restricted spaces.

Beside profilometers Novacam Technologies manufactures OCT-Optical Coherence Tomography detectors for cross section imaging of the tissue for bio-medical and bio-photonic applications.

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