OPCON Associates, Inc.

Jacob Moskovich, Vice President
7659 Montgomery Road
Suite 201
Cincinnati, OH 45237
Phone: (513)752-0870
Phone: (513)752-0877
Fax: (513)752-1325
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Founded in 1969, OPCON Associates, Inc. is an independent consulting company specializing in optical design. OPCON has developed its own proprietary software which is uniquely tailored to areas in which the company is best known, particularly the design of zoom lenses and the utilization of aspherical optical surfaces. OPCON has always been especially interested in the design of mass produced optics for consumer applications and takes pride in the number of resulting products that have successfully gone to market, often in very high volumes. OPCON designs as well as designs based on ideas pioneered at OPCON can be found in a variety of currently available products such as zoom lenses for 35mm photography, lenses for projection television, zoom lenses for the motion picture industry; imaging systems for industrial video, medical and space optics; as well as optics used in surveillance, copiers and numerous other consumer and industrial applications. In addition to classical lens design services, OPCON Associates, Inc. now offers expertise in the fields of physical optics and laser optics, as well as design capabilities for non-imaging systems, including illumination systems and automotive lighting.
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