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What is ACSM

The American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) is a nonprofit association dedicated to serving the public interest and advancing the profession of surveying and mapping. ACSM's more than 8,000 individual members are surveyors, cartographers, geodesists, GIS/LIS experts, and related professionals from, private industry, government, and academia. The Association also has corporate members who provide high-quality products and services to the surveying and mapping profession.

Why should I join ACSM?

The answer is simple. ACSM offers members the opportunity to open doors to all the information needed to keep up-to-date on the latest and most crucial issues of the profession. All members receive the ACSM Bulletin and a complimentary subscription to Surveying and Land Information Systems (AAGS and NSPS members) and/or Cartography and Geographic Information Systems (ACA and GLIS members). Other benefits include:

How do I apply for ACSM membership?

Choose the appropriate Organization(s) to join in addition to ACSM, and read the criteria listed for each grade of membership. Then complete the reverse side of this form and send it to the address shown. Your application will be processed promptly.

ACA requirements

Full Member - Bachelor's or higher degree in field of Study that would qualify the person for a professional position in cartography or related fields, or four years of active professional experience in cartography or related fields.

Associate Member - Any person with an interest in geodetic surveying/cartography who is not eligible to be a Full Member.

AAGS requirements

Full Member - Bachelor's or higher degree in a discipline related to geodetic surveying or eight years experience. Up to four years of relevant education may be substituted for experience not consistent with other organization member requirements.

Associate Member - Any person with an interest in surveying/ccirtography who is not eligible to be a Full Member.

NSPS requirements

Full Member - [a] Any person licensed to practice the profession of surveying, according to state or provincial statutes; or [b], a GS-1373 employee classified as a Land Surveyor or Supervisory Land Surveyor; or [c] an academician holding a Bachelor's or higher degree and the rank of assistant professor or higher and teaching in an ABET or CAB accredited or state land surveying registration board approved surveying program; or [d] a practicing surveyor or a surveying teacher who has attained (1) a minimum of six years experience in responsible charge of surveying activities or (2) four years of education and two years of experience ma submit credentials for considerations.

Associate Member - Any person who by employment is actively engaged in a program leading to a career in the profession of surveying.

GLIS requirements

Anyone with an interest in geographic and land information systems is eligible for membership as an Full, Associate, or Student Member.

Student Membership requirements

Student Membership requirements in ACA, AAGS, NSPS or GLIS
-Any person pursuing a course of study as a graduate or undergraduate student 'on a full-time basis (as defined by the academic institution) leading to a career in geodetic surveying, geographic or land information systems, cartography, or surveying is eligible for Student Membership.


This notice is required by U.S. Postal Service regulations. Contributions or gifts to ACSM are not tax deductible as charitable. contributions.


The American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) publishes a bi-monthly magazine, ACSM Bulletin, and two quarterly scholarly journals, Surveying and Land Information Systems and Cartography and Geographic Information Systems. In addition, ACSM offers a publications catalog of more than 100 titles, many from other publishers, offering a broad selection of the best books available on surveying, cartography, geodesy, geographic information systems, land information systems, and the Global Positioning System.

Membership does include subscriptions to:

American Congress on Surveying and Mapping
5410 Grosvenor Lane, Suite 100
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
Phone 301.493.0200
Fax 493.8245

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