This table may be downloaded and imported into a spreadsheet, math program or other computer codes, for use in your analyses. Instructions for use of the table and importing into a spreadsheet follow the table.

HOW TO READ THIS TABLE: The table provides conversion factors to SI units. These factors can be considered as unity multipliers. For example:

Length:  m/X
     0.0254	in	0.3048	ft
Means that
1 = 0.0254 (m/in)
1 = 0.3048 m/ft
And similarly:
1 = 418.7 (W/m)/(cal/s-cm)
The SI units are listed immediately after the quantity; in this case: Length: m/X. The m stands for meter, and the "X" designates the non-SI units for the same quantity. These non-SI units follow the numerical conversion factors.

The uneven spacing in the table is a result of using tabs to facilitate proper import of the table into a spreadsheet as "values" and "labels."

See the TechExpo List of Basic and Derived SI units.
NOTE: In the following table at all locations, ton refers to U.S. rather than metric ton.
UPDATE 18 October 1995: Several corrections were made in the table. If you have a previous version, please download this corrected table.
Length:  m/X
   0.01	cm	1.0E-06	µm 	1.0E-10	Å	0.3048	ft
   0.0254	in	0.9144	yd	1609.3	mi 

Mass:  kg/X
   1.0E-03	g	0.4536	lbm	6.48E-05	grain	0.02835	oz(avdp)
   907.2	ton (U.S.)	14.59	slug

Time:  s/X
   60.0	 min	3,600.	h	86,400	day	3.156E+07	yr 

Temperature:  K/X (difference)
   0.5555	°R 	0.5555	°F 	1.0	°C

Current:  A/X
   10.0	abampere 		3.3356E-10	statampere 

Area:  m2/X
   1.0E-04	cm2	1.0E-12	µm2	0.0929	ft2	6.452E-04	in2
   0.8361	yd2	4,047	acre	2.59E+06	mi2

Volume:  m3/X
   1.0E-06	cm3	1.0E-03	lit	1.0E-18	µm3	0.02832	ft3
   1.639E-05	in3	3.785E-03	gal (U.S.)

Flow Rate, Volume:  (m3/s)/X 	
   1.0E-06	cm3/s 	0.02832	cfs 	1.639E-05	in3/s	4.72E-04	cfm
   7.87E-06	cfh	3.785E-03	gal/s	6.308E-05	gpm	1.051E-06	gph 

Specific Volume:  (m3/kg)/X 	
   1.0E-03	cm3/g	1.0E-15	µm3/g	0.0624	ft3/lbm

Specific Surface:  (m2/kg)/X 	
   0.1	cm2/g	2.205E-12	µm2/lbm	0.2048	ft2/lbm

Velocity:  (m/s)/X 
   0.01	cm/s	2.78E-04	m/h	0.278	km/h	0.3048	ft/s 	5.08E-03	ft/min	0.447	mi/h 

Acceleration:  (m/s2)/X 
   0.01	cm/s2	7.716E-08	m/h2	0.3048	ft/s2 	8.47E-05	ft/min2
   2.35E-08	ft/h2 

Momentum:  (kg-m/s)/X 
   1.0E-05	g-cm/s 	0.1383	lbm-ft/s 	2.30E-03	lbm-ft/min 

Velocity, Angular:  (rad/s)/X 
   0.01667	rad/min 	2.78E-04	rad/h	0.1047	rev/min

Acceleration, Angular:  (rad/s2)/X
   2.78E-04  rad/min2		7.72E+08 rad/h2	1.74E-03 rev/min2  

Momentum, Angular:  (kg-m2/s)/X 	
   1.0E-07	g-cm2/s	0.04215	lbm-ft2/s	7.02E-04	lbm-ft2/min 

Moment Inertia, Area:  m4/X 
   1.0E-08	cm4	4.16E-07	in4 	8.63E-03	ft4 

Moment Inertia, Mass:  (kg-m2)/X
   1.0E-07	g-cm2	0.04214	lbm-ft2 	1.355	lbf-ft-s2	2.93E-04	lbm-in2
   0.11  lbf-in/s  

Momentum Flow Rate:  (kg-m/s2)/X 
   1.0E-05	g-cm/s2	0.1383	lbm-ft/s2 	3.84E-05	lbm-ft/min2 

Flow Rate, Mass:  (kg/s)/X
   1.0E-03	g/s	2.78E-04	kg/h	0.4536	lbm/s  	7.56E-03	lbm/min
   1.26E-04	lbm/hr

Flux, Mass:  (kg/m2-s)/X 
   10	g/cm2-s 	1.667E-05	g/m2-min 	2.78E-07	g/m2-h 	4.883	lbm/ft2-s
   0.0814	lbm/ft2-min	1.356E-03	lbm/ft2-h

Mass per Area:  (kg/m2)/X
   10	g/cm2	4.883	lbm/ft2	703.0	lbm/in2	3.5E-04	ton/mi2

Density:  (kg/m3)/X 
   1,000.0	g/cm3	16.02	lbm/ft3	119.8	lbm/gal	27,700	lbm/in3
   2.289E-3	grain/ft3

Flow Rate, Mass/Volume:  (kg/m3-s)/X
   1,000	g/cm3-s	16.67	g/cm3-min	0.2778	g/cm3-h	16.02	lbm/ft3-s
   0.267	lbm/ft3-min	4.45E-03	lbm/ft3-h

Flow Rate, Mass/Force:  (kg/N-s)/X
   9.869E-05	g/cm2-atm-s	1.339E-08	lbm/ft2-atm-h

Specific Volume:  (m3/kg)/X
   1.0E-03	cm3/g	0.06243	ft3/lbm  

Specific Weight:  (N/m3)/X
   10	dyn/cm3 	157.1	lbf/ft3 	 

Force:  N/X
   1.0E-05	dyn	1	kg-m/s2 	9.8067	kg(force)	9.807E-03	g(force)
   0.1383	pdl	4.448	lbf	4,448	kip	8,896	ton(force) 

Surface Tension:  (N/m)/X 
   1.0E-03	dyn/cm 	14.6	lbf/ft 	175.0	lbf/in 

Pressure, Stress:  (N/m2)/X
   0.1	dyn/cm2	9.8067	kg(f)/m2	1.0E+05	bar 	1.0133E+05	std. atm
   1.489	pdl/ft2	47.88	lbf/ft2 	6,894	lbf/in2 	1.38E+07	ton(f)/in2
   249.1	in H2O 	2,989	ft H2O	133.3	torr, mm Hg 	3,386	in Hg 

Force, Body:  (N/m3)/X
   10	dyn/cm3 	9.807E+06	kg(f)/cm3	157.1	lbf/ft3	2.71E+05	lbf/in3
   3.14E+05	ton(f)/ft3

Force per Mass:  (N/kg)/X
   0.01	dyn/g	9.807	kg(f)/kg	9.807	lbf/lbm	0.3049	lbf/slug

Torque:  N-m/X
   1.0E-07	dyn-cm	1.356	lbf-ft	0.0421	pdl-ft	2.989	kg(f)-ft

Viscosity, Dynamic:  (Kg/m-s)/X
   1	N-s/m2	0.1	P	0.001	cP	2.78E-04	kg/m-h
   1.488	lbm/ft-s	4.134E-04	lbm/ft-h	47.91 lbf-s/ft2 
(g/cm-s)/X		1 P

Viscosity, Kinematic:  (m2/s)/X
   1.0E-04	St	2.778E-04	m2/h	0.0929	ft2/s	2.581E-05	ft2/h 
(cm2/s)/X		1 St

Henry's Constant:  (N/m2)/X
   1.01326E+05	atm	133.3	mmHg	6893	lbf/in2	47.89	lbf/ft2

Diffusion Coeffiecient:  (m2/s)/X
   1.0E-04	cm2/s	2.78E-04	m2/h	0.0929	ft2/s	2.58E-05	ft2/h

Energy:  J/X
   3.6E+06	kWh	4.187	cal	4187	kcal	1.0E-07	erg
   1.356	ft-lbf	1055	Btu	0.04214	ft-pdl	2.685E+06	hp-h
   1.055E+08	therm	0.113	in-lbf	4.48E+04	hp-min	745.8	hp-s
	1.60207E-19	eV

Power:  W/X
   4.187	cal/s	4187	kcal/s	1.0E-07	erg/s	1.356	ft-lbf/s
   0.293 Btu/h	1055 Btu/s	745.8	hp	0.04214	ft-pdl/s
   0.1130	in-lbf/s	3517	ton refrigeration	17.6	Btu/min

Energy, Linear:  (J/m)/X
   418.7	cal/cm	4.187E+05	kcal/cm	1.0E-05	erg/cm	4.449	ft-lbf/ft	
   3461	Btu/ft	8.81E+06	hp-h/ft	1.18E+07	kWh/ft

Energy per Area:  (J/m2)/X
   41,868	cal/cm2	4.187E+07	kcal/cm2	0.001	erg/cm2	14.60	ft-lbf/ft2
   11,360	Btu/ft2	2.89E+07	hp-h/ft2	3.87E+07	kWh/ft2

Energy Density: (J/m3)/X
   3.6E+06	kWh/m3	4.187E+06	cal/cm3	4.187E+09	kcal/cm3	0.1	erg/cm3
   47.9	ft-lbf/ft3	3.73E+04	Btu/ft3	1.271E+08	kWh/ft3
   9.48E+07	hp-h/ft3

Power, Linear:  (W/m)/X
   418.7	cal/s-cm	4.187E+05	kcal/s-cm	1.0E-05	erg/s-cm
   4.449	ft-lbf/s-ft	3461	Btu/s-ft	0.961 Btu/h-ft	2447	hp/ft

Power Flux:  (W/m2)/X
   41,868	cal/s-cm2	4.187E+07	kcal/s-cm2	0.001	erg/s-cm2
   14.60	ft-lbf/s-ft2	11,360	Btu/s-ft2	3.156	Btu/h-ft2	8028	hp/ft2
   1.072E+04	kW/ft2

Power Density:  (W/m3)/X
   4.187E+06	cal/s-cm3	4.187E+09	kcal/s-cm3	0.1	erg/s-cm3
   47.9	ft-lbf/s-ft3	3.73E+04	Btu/s-ft3	10.36	Btu/h-ft3
   3.53E+04	kW/ft3	2.63E+04	hp/ft3

Specific Energy:  (J/kg)/X
   1	m2/s2	4187	cal/g	4.187E+06	kcal/g	2.99	ft-lbf/lbm
   2326	btu/lbm	5.92E+06	hp-h/lbm	7.94E+06	kWh/lbm

Specific Heat, Gas Constant:  (J/kg-K)/X
   1	m2/s2-K	4187	cal/g-°C	1.0E-04	erg/g-°C
   4187	Btu/lbm-°F	5.38	ft-lbf/lbm-°F

Thermal Conductivity:  (W/m-K)/X
   418.7	cal/s-cm-°C	1.163	kcal/h-m-°C	1.0E-05	erg/s-cm-°C
   1.731	Btu/h-ft-°F	0.1442	Btu-in/h-ft2-°F	2.22E-03	ft-lbf/h-ft-°F

Heat Transfer Coefficient:  (W/m2-K)/X
   41,868	cal/s-cm2-°C	1.163	kcal/h-m2-°C	1.0E-03	erg/s-cm2-°C
   5.679	Btu/h-ft2-°F	12.52	kcal/h-ft2-°C

Electrical Charge, C/X
   1	A-s	10	abcoulomb	3.336E-10	statcoulomb

Voltage, Electrical Potential:  V/X
   1.0	kg-m2/A-s3	1	W/A	1.0E-08	abvolt	299.8	statvolt

Resistance:  Ohm/X
   1	kg-m2/A2-s3	1	V/A	1.0E-09	abohm	8.988E+11	statohm

Electrical Resistivity:  (V-m/A)/X
   1 kg-m3/A2-s3
(ohm-m)/X	1	kg-m5/A2-s3	1.0E-09	abohm-m	8.988E+11	statohm-m

Electrical Capacitance;  F/X
   1	A2-s4/kg-m2	1	A-s/V	1.0E+09	abfarad	1.113E-12	statfarad
(V/m)/X	3.28 V/ft

Electrical Field Strength:  (V/m)/X
   1	kg-m/A-s3	100	V/cm	1.0E-08	abvolt/m	299.8	statvolt/m
   39.4	V/in

Magnetic Flux:  Wb/X
   1	kg-m2/A-s2	1	V-s

Inductance:  H/X
   1	kg-m2/A2-s2	1	V-s/A	1.0E-09	abhenry	8.988E+11	stathenry

Using the Table: The quantity in braces { } is selected from the table.
Example 1: To calculate how many meters are in 10 ft , the table provides the conversion factor as 0.3048 m/ft. Hence multiply
10 ft X {0.3048 m/ft} = 3.048 m

Example 2: Convert Thermal Conductivity of 10 kcal/h-m-°C to SI units. Select the appropriate conversion factor for these units,
10 (kcal/h-m-°C) X {1.163 (w/m-K)/(kcal/h-m-°C)} = 11.63 w/m-K

The Table may be downloaded and important into a spreadsheet as an ascii text file, using tab separators for fields. Just clean the text and HTML tags and the table may be used in your daily work.

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