Astronomical unit		1.496E+11	m
Atomic mass unit		1.66056E-27	kg
Avogadro number			6.022045E+26	/kmol
Bohr radius			5.29177E-11	m
Boltzmann constant		1.38054E-23	J/K
Earth's radius			6.37E+06	m
Electron mass (at rest)		9.10953E-31	kg
				5.4859E-04	amu
Electron compton wavelength	2.42631E-12	m
Electron charge			1.602189E-19	C
Electron charge-to-mass ratio	1.7588E+11	C/kg
Faraday constant		9.64846E+07	C/kmol
Fine structure constant		7.2974E-03	
Gravitational constant		6.6720E-11	N-m2/kg2
Gravitational acceleration	9.80665		m/s2
Loschmidt Number		2.6870E+19 	molecules per cubic centimeter at STP   
Magnetic Flux quantum		2.0678E-15	Wb
Molar volume			2.24138E+01	m3/kmol
Neutron mass (at rest)		1.67495E-27	kg
				1.00866		amu
Permeability (vaccum)		1.25664E-06	H/m
Permittivity (vacuum)		8.85419E-12	F/m
Planck constatnt		6.6256E-34	J-s
Proton mass (at rest)		1.67265E-27	kg
				1.00727		amu
Quantum of circulation		3.63695E-04	J-s/kg
Radiation constant, C1		3.7418E-16	W-m2
Radiation constant, C2		1.43879E-02	m-K
Rydberg constant		1.09737E+07	/m
Solar constant			1367		W/m2
				433.3		Btu/ft2-h
Speed of light	(vacuum)	2.9979E+08	m/s
Stefan-Boltzman constant	5.6697E-08	W/m2-K4
				5.6697E-5	erg/cm2-K4-s
				5.6697E-12	W/cm2-K4
				1.355E-12	cal/cm2-K4-s
				3.658E-11	W/in2-K4
				1.798E-08	Btu/ft2-K4-hr
				1.714E-09	Btu/ft2-h-°R
				5.268E-12	kWh/ft2-K4-hr
				4.530E-09	kcal/ft2-K4-hr
				1.52E+11	Photons/s-cm2-K3
Sun's radius			6.96E+08	m
Sun's mean substanded full angle	0.532	Degrees      
					31.99 arc min    	
Sun-to-earth mean distance, AU	1.496E+11	m	
Universal gas constant		8.314E+03	J/kmol-K
				8.2056E-02	m3-atm/kmole-K
				1.9872		cal/gmol-K
Wien's Displacement 		2898.		µm-K (for power max)
				3669.		µm-K (for photons max)

N2		78.08%
O2		20.95%
CO2		0.033%
Ar		0.934%
Ne		1.82E-03%
He		5.24E-04%
Kr		1.14E-04%
Xe		8.7E-06%
H2		5.0E-05%
CH4		2.0E-04%
N2O		5.0E-05

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